*Commandos 2 BBS FAQ*


Last Updated: June 27, 2002 by 1shot1kill

This FAQ page is meant to provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions at the official Eidos C2 BBS.
This FAQ won't provide you with any technical solutions (such as "what to do if the game crashes") because they are all hardware/software dependent. Try applying the international patch make sure you got the latest drivers for sound/video card or try exchanging the disks for new ones at the store you bought them at. Also, don't consider this page to be some kind of strategy guide. We are aware of the fact that some problems (discussed below) have multiple solutions.
If you got any suggestions for questions + answers that should be on this page mail 1shot1kill or Xcom01. Note: not for questions about C2, use the official eidos Commandos 2 forums for that, any mails received containing questions will be deleted straight away.

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                Mission #3, White Death
                Bonus Mission #3
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                Mission #6, Guns of Savo Island
                Bonus Mission #6
                Mission #7, Giant in Haiphong
                Mission #8, Saving Private Smith
                Mission #9, Castle Colditz
                Mission #10, Paris Burning

General FAQ
Question Answer
How do I gag soldiers? By Shift+Clicking on them. Note: Lupin and Natasha can't do it.
Where do I find bonus books? Usually, they are hidden inside buildings, in cabinets, boxes, etc, press and hold F10 to see those places, bright yellow lines mean you have not checked them yet, dark yellow lines mean you have already looked in that one.
Ok, I need to know the exact location of books Please see links section below.
How can I exchange items with other commandos? You need to examine (hotkey ' W') them. This will open inventory windows for both. Then, simply drag items from one to another.
Why is there always 1 sleeping pil remaining? Unknown. Probably a bug.
How can I pick up the zodiak again? You can't.
Does the rank affect the gameplay? No.
How do I control vehicles? With Arrow keys. Shift+Arrows = faster. Enter+Arrows=superfast. You can also [double]click on the point where you want to go! Note: the Enter key trick does not work on boats.
How can shoot from a tank? You need both Driver and Sapper to be in a tank. Then press and hold Ctrl and shoot away.
I am totally lost in the map. How can I locate my objectives? First, you can click Notepad icon. Select the objective. Camera will zoom on the area where this objective is located. Secondly, after closing the Notepad, you can click on Target/Bullseye icon. This will display yellow arrow pointing at the objective. (or the entrance to the objective)
How do rotate the camera? By holding alt and using the arrow keys. Note: the camera only rotates 90 degrees outside and inside the full 360.
How do i select only 1 item of an item in my inventory i can have a greater number of? (in example: rifles and clothes) Hold Shift while clicking on the item in your inventory.
How do i get the green beret to kick open doors? Place him a few steps back from the door and double-click the door. Note: does not work on all doors and only from the outside.
What are the cheats? In the game select any commandos and type: gonzoandjon. After that, Ctrl+V will enable invisibility, Shift+X will teleport selected commando to the cursor position and Ctrl+Shift+N will skip the mission. Note: you'll lose your rank for the rest of the game.

Training Camp #1
Lupin can't tie up the enemy soldiers? Help!!! Indeed he can't. Try using Sapper.
How do I get on the other side of barbed wire? Lupin can climb poles. Shift+Click on them.
Training Camp #2
Where is the key to the house? It's with the general, not far from the point where you started the mission.      screenshot
I can't find the 3rd box with the anti-tank mines and explosives? Where is it? It's in the house. Rotate your view (Alt+Arrows) so you can see it.      screenshot
I can't select the allied soldiers, what am i doing wrong? To be able to select them you got to get a commando near them and right-click on them.
Ok, I used the radio but nothing happens? You should see white "Launch Invasion" button. You need to click on it.      screenshot
How do I destroy the tank? Place anti-tank mines on the road.
Mission #1, Night of the Wolves
How do i gag and tie/kill enemies in this mission? you can't, you can only knock enemies out or use sleeping pills on enemies.
How can I complete this mission, if I can't kill anyone? Well, sleeping pils in a bottle of wine will be your best friend in this mission.
How can I "poison" the assistant? Use Natasha to go to the cantina, examine wine case in there, use sleeping pils on it. Enjoy!      screenshot
How do i use the enigma machine to decode the message? Place the coded documents and the machine together in 1 inventory and it will be decoded automaticly
Where is the bed where Lupin can hide? Beds are located in the first barrack building with only 2 soldiers guarding the hallway. It's in the same area as Commandant's office. Note: do not use the beds in the barracks filled with enemy troops.      screenshot
How do I make Lupin hide under the bed? Move your mouse cursor over the bed, while holding Shift until cursor changes into a "hole with an arrow pointing inside it". This requires certain precision. If this doesn't work, slightly rotate the view (Alt+Arrows) and try again.      screenshot
Mission #2, Das Boot: Silent Killers
I don't understand how to complete secondary objective: enter the base as an official? The Spy must drive a vehicle to the front gate (the one with an electrified fence). Obviously, the Spy must be disguised and have "official" ID papers. The officer will check the ID and open the gate, so you can drive in. If this doesn't complete the objective, try exiting and re-entering the base on foot.
How do I disable underwater mines? Have Fins (aka Diver, Marine) dive and Shift+click on a mine. When disabled, they'll float away!
I can't get to the radio station. Nazis keep noticing me. Actually, there is a second radio in this mission. It's in the small building near the front gate with electrified fence.      screenshot
Where is the key to the prison (where sailors are kept)? The key is with the sergeant, patrolling on the roof.      screenshot
Where are the sailors? They can be found in the building in the middle of the sub bunker, next to the sub.      screenshot
Where is the captain? He can be found in the building opposite of the building you found the sailors in.      screenshot
Ok, I got everyone in the sub but the mission won't end. Check if you'v done the following: completed all the objectives, used the radio to contact GB and have him parachute down, rescued all sailors and the captain (they are in separate locations), have really all commandos and sailors+captain in the sub (some sailors may be still standing outside), opened the hangar door (there are 2 doors which can be opened). In Normal mode, if some of your men are *dead*, you need to revive them with medpack, otherwise mission won't end.
Mission #3, White Death
I can't find my Marine, where is he? He is the small room and you can't see him in the beginning. Either press [3] key to highlight him or rotate your view (Alt+Arrows). screenshot
How do i destroy the destroyers cannons? Place explosives inside the destroyer, right under the cannons.(at the big cog-like things)
Ok, I got GB and Spy in the plane and everyone else in the sub but the mission won't end. Check if you've done the following: completed all the objectives; Spy or GB must have Enigma Machine; you rescued all 8 sailors and the captain (they are in separate locations), didn't forget any sailor on the way (they seem to have problem climbing ladders and such, sometimes). Also make sure there are no nazi's left in the sub.
Bonus Mission #3
I completed all the objectives and escaped in the truck but the mission won't finish. You need to escape in amphibious vehicle.
Mission #4, Target: Burma
Where the heck are Ghurkas? In the sewers.
How do I access sewers? Either from under water (press F10 to highlight the entrances) or through a secret (hatch)passage in one building.      screenshot
Ok, I found Ghurkas but I can't select them. You need to walk close by them to make the selectable. If this doesn't have any effect, try arming them.
How do I arm the Ghurkas? First collect several rifles from dead/gagged enemies. Then press [W] key, click on a Ghurka soldier to examine him and drag a rifle to his inventory. If you have multiple rifles in your inventory, hold Shift to transfer only one rifle.
Hmm, notepad says: "Eliminate the Tyrant" but there is no Tyrant to be found. Don't worry, he'll come as soon as a Ghurka soldier uses the radio. Note he arrives in a car, behind a large group of soldiers.
Mission #5, Bridge over River Kwai
How do I control this %@^#$ elephant? A. Only Lupin(thief) can do it. B. Use Arrow keys.
How do I rescue prisoners in the cage? Use a switch in the arm. This will release the cage and it will drown. Then, make one your men dive and use second switch on the cage itself, to release the prisoners. Note: you have 30 sec. to do it.
How do I use explosives? You need to place explosives into a cabinet which is located somewhere in the middle of the bridge, between some barrels. Examine the cabinet and drag explosives in there.      screenshot
Mission #6, Guns of Savo Island
What do I need Wilson for? He can freely move all around the island and distract enemies (with his horn).
I can't open the door to the bunker and yes, I do have a key? There is one door which requires you to use a blow torch on it first.      screenshot
How do i get the golden monkey out of the cave? You got to blow up a wall in the room you find it in, use F10 to locate that wall and place some explosives in front of it to blow it up.
I can't find the pilot. Where is he? Yes, this can be tricky. Click "Target" button. This will display an arrow, pointing at his location. You might still not see him, but he is there, somewhere in a cage in the water.      screenshot
Bonus Mission #6
How do I get my men on the other side of the wall? GB should do the job. Equip him with 2 rope ladders. Then climb the telephone pole and move in the direction of the wall. Note: you should see a green position marker, telling you exactly where you will land (if you fall). When above the wall, click with RMButton twice (1-to stop, 2-to fall). Then simply use rope ladders on both sides of the wall.
Mission #7, Giant in Haiphong
I got my commandos in the truck, but it does not leave, what do i do now? If that happens try to use the other truck just below the one you are in and let natasha drive it into the base. Note: you got to get natasha in first.      screenshot
Where can I find the disguise for Natasha? It's in the same building where you talked to Chinese Shopkeeper. (in one of the boxes)      screenshot
I can't get my men onto the Aircraft Carrier? Help! Get Lupin there first (by making him climb the crane). Then use the switch (to activate the ladder). The switch is near the place where enemy sniper stood.      screenshot
Alright, I am on the Aircraft Carrier but the mission won't finish? There is a huge container on the deck. Make all your men enter it.      screenshot
Mission #8, Saving Private Smith
How do I heal Smith? Use a medpack on him
How can I enter the plane? I can't enter the door. Either dive under water on the other side and enter it there or use the blowtorch found on 1 of the workers in the house the green beret was hold.
All the invading enemies are dead, why doesn't the mission end? Check all the houses for enemies that are still alive, also check your map for green dots, these migth be burried enemies, try to kill them with grenades or load a saved game before the invasion and get rid of them in another way.
I found all bonus books. Why is there no bonus mission? As stated in Manual Addendum, for this mission you get to handle the "Invasion" as bonus.
Mission #9, Castle Colditz
I can't control or talk to lupin after taking out the guards aiming at him, how come? He probably got shot before you talked to him, for some reason (probably a bug) you can't talk to him after he has been shot, not even if you try to heal him, only solution is to load a saved game from before the moment he got shot. Note: he gets shot the moment the alarm is raised on the map, so keep it quiet.
I can't use the radio. Help! Try using it with GB. Note: make sure he got the documents.
Mission #10, Paris Burning
Do I get a bonus mission after this mission too? Yes
Are there any servers to join Commandos 2 servers? No, commandos 2 does not work with servers, 1 person got to host the game, the others join his game.
Ok, so how do i connect to someone who hosts a game? There are 2 ways, either find someone to host a game, then both of you got to enter his ip when asked for or use gamespy arcade to find other people waiting for someone to join their game. Note: you can download gamespy arcade here.
How do i chat with other players during multiplayer? Press Ctrl + Enter to open up the chat box.
I can't connect to anyone to play commandos 2, can my firewall be the cause of this? It can be that you might need to open the port: 13139 to be able to run behind a firewall.

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